Michelle  Johnson

Michelle Johnson

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Duke Energy Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

“Secure Distributed Multi-User Web Applications




Nickolai B. Zeldovich


Servers are used to store and process sensitive information. If an attacker gains access to the server, they could obtain all private data that is stored there. Mylar is a platform that protects data confidentiality in cases where an attacker has gained full access to a server. It encrypts the data on the server and allows the server to perform queries over the encrypted data, even if the data is encrypted with different keys. It also ensures that the code of a client-side application is authentic and that allows users to share encrypted data securely during an active attack. My project will focus on developing a secure email service on top of the Mylar platform.


I worked with Glen Urban at Sloan where I analyzed the affects of advertising on a user’s internet activity. I built a web extension and set up a database in order to collect and store the data. I worked at Tumblr and built a web interface for their scala team so that they could deploy services to the machines on Tumblr’s network.

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