Michael  Behr

Michael Behr

Scholar Title

MIT EECS Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Stochastic Process Models of Inductive Inference




Joshua Tenenbaum


Bayesian inference has had great success in modeling cognition on a computational level, but this success raises two questions: what is happening on the algorithmic level in the brain to produce these computational-level results, and how can we explain systematic differences between actual performance and what Bayesian models predict? I will study these questions in the context of the Bayesian number game, which examines concept learning. I will model empirical data with stochastic algorithms based on general-purpose inference. My results may lead us closer to understanding the algorithmic processes used in the human brain and designing better artificial intelligence systems.


I have worked with Dr. Fedorenko and Professor Kanwisher at MIT studying the neural basis of language with fMRI. I have worked with Professor Winston at MIT CSAIL helping to build a computer vision system incorporating feedback.

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