Megan  Chao

Megan Chao

Scholar Title

MIT EECS | Advanced Micro Devices Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Designing Software for Creating 3D Interactive Displays





Research Areas
  • Human Computer Interaction

Stefanie Mueller


We would like to free displays from their current 2D rectangular form and enable the fabrication of freeform 3D displays of any shape. By transforming any object surface into a canvas for visual output, we create a new class of user interfaces with increased learnability, efficiency, and safety. We will focus on displays that work via electroluminescence, as they can be created from only four base materials: electroluminescent paste, conductive silver paste, dielectric paste, and conductive silicone paste. A custom hybrid 3D printer will print these materials in one integrated process, and design software will allow users to draw displays onto 3D geometry, automatically decomposing it into the four layers of material and generating instructions for the 3D printer to print the full display.


I would like to apply the skills I’ve learned from my technical classes and personal pursuits in 3D modeling to a real-world project through the SuperUROP program. I hope to acquire research experience in human-computer interaction and related fields, as well as experience working in a collaborative environment. I want to make a meaningful contribution to my lab while having fun doing research!

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