Matthew  Overlin

Matthew Overlin

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Draper Laboratory Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Electrospray Printed MEMS/NEMS and Biochemical Sensors




Luis Fernando Velasquez–Garcia


My work revolves around atmospheric pressure electrospray, a kind of maskless lithography fabrication method which can be used to fabricate printable MEMS/NEMS and biochemical sensors. Electrospray is an electrohydrodynamic effect triggered by high electrostatic fields that produce very stable ultra-low flowrates. Research will be conducted to characterize the optical, electrical, biochemical, and mechanical properties of the imprints. In addition, the method can be used to fabricate dielectric, semiconductor, and metal layers which make up printable MEMS and other devices.


I have worked with Dr. Velasquez-Garcia in MTL on previous electrospray experiments. I investigated the resolution limits of electrospray. I have previously worked at NetApp designing PCBs and the board layouts. In high school, I worked with a student group which installed solar panels on homes around the community.

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