Matthew  Deyo

Matthew Deyo

Scholar Title

MIT AeroAstro — Lockheed Martin Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Mobility on Demand System with Autonomous Vehicles




Jonathan How


The Aerospace Controls Lab is using electric vehicles as part of a Mobility on Demand project to map out pedestrian trends and transport passengers around campus more efficiently. I’m working on integrating the vehicles together with web and mobile applications for users to request rides and then track progress of the vehicle. This will include a database designed to organize all the information from the vehicles and route planning algorithms for the vehicle allocation and directions when handling user ride requests. The system will also have an interface for the drivers that displays routes to make the next passenger pickup or drop off and a separate interface for the researchers that displays all relevant information collected on the database.


I chose this project because of my Android and web development experience and my previous work on navigation and route-planning systems. I hope to learn more about user interface and database design along with full stack system integration and research publishing practices. I’m excited about the opportunity to build a system for users to view and interact with the electric vehicles used by the Mobility on Demand project.

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