Matej  Novak

Matej Novak

Scholar Title

Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Data for Refugees: Analysis of Refugee Migration Data in Colombia





Research Areas
  • Political Science

Alex Paul Pentland


In the recent years, there has been a large scale emigration from Venezuela, which has seen its living conditions deteriorate. The country with most Venezuelan migrants is Colombia. This project aims to investigate this situation through data science and, thus, support public policy alongside of the Inter-American Development Bank.

We will review location data in Colombia and look to find a measure of integration of migrants in their new home locations. We will then be able to identify areas with best integration outcomes, which will be used to inform policy makers.


“I’m very excited to complete this project in SuperUROP because it is a fantastic opportunity to apply data science to an important real life situation. I have previously completed a summer UROP with a similar aim at the same group, Human Dynamics at the Media Lab and really enjoyed it. I want to learn more data science techniques, get to know more academics, and gain an insight into international public policy.”

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