Marie  Elimbi Moudio

Marie Elimbi Moudio

Scholar Title

MIT SoE — Lord Foundation Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Design and Analysis of a Biomass Torrefaction system (swirl combustor) for Developing Countries




Ahmed F. Ghoniem


Torrefaction is a method of converting low energy density biomass to a higher energy density biofuel, Char. Effective mixing of air and fuel is important for combustion processes without premixed flames. Swirling enhances mixing and combustion properties. However, little is known about designing efficient swirling conditions in annular combustors. Understanding swirl mixing will enable the design of more efficient torrefaction systems for the conversion of unused agricultural waste into fuel


I worked as a urop in 2014 in the membrane desalination group where I designed membrane testing apparatus and tested the membrane samples. Later I worked with Csail, CADing appliances for an image recognition software. My design and manufacturing experiences will be useful for this project.

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