Mariam  Kobiashvili

Mariam Kobiashvili

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Quanta Computer Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Speech Interfaces for Smartphones




James Glass


In order to make it possible for humans to speak to computers a conversational interface is needed. SLS made human-computer interaction possible. Computer converts users speech into text, breaks it down into pieces, recognizes grammatically and represent meaning systematically. The main idea of my project is to make human-computer interaction accessible to people. Using well-analyzed data, application should be able to give users information they want, without them making too much effort. One of the main features will be finding nearby restaurants and/or other important locations. This information can be received from already pre-generated, well-evaluated data. However, analyzing what users really want, and using conversational paradigm to solve this problem together will need a deep understanding of natural language and its grammar


I worked at Facebook on the Android team. My project was about creating an image transcoder from WebP to JPEG. I also did an internship at Dropbox and worked on the Carousel Android team and developed a new feature for the product.

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