Marcin  Hajduczek

Marcin Hajduczek

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MIT CEE | Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Characterizing and Creating Sustainable and Durable Carbonated Mortars and Concretes





Research Areas
  • Environment

Admir Masic


With the production of concrete being responsible for 8% of the world’ s CO2 emissions, developing sustainable concrete is of utmost importance. One largely unexplored option is the use of carbonated concrete as a method of storing captured carbon dioxide. Specifically the chemo-mechanical properties of carbonated concrete are not well understood, and how CO2 affects the strength of the material. This project aims to characterize the chemical reactions that take place when carbonated concrete hydrates and sets by using Raman Spectroscopy to analyze the material in-situ during hydration. Creating and testing carbonated concrete will provide insight into the chemical properties that provide the material with strength and durability, and reveal its benefits and limitations. Finally, its sustainability will be evaluated based on how much CO2 the concrete can sequester.


I believe the environmental cost of the materials we use in the built environment is an overlooked aspect in the fight for a sustainable future, and I’ m excited to help change that through this SuperUROP. I’ ve previously done research on sustainable concrete, and this experience will allow me to explore a new alternative for making greener building materials by sequestering environmental CO2 in concrete.

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