Maosen  Hu

Maosen Hu

Scholar Title

MIT EECS Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Transparent Web Browsing: Seeing Ones Trail




David R. Karger


Today, the web has developed to the point of being our second virtual world. The heavy reliance and usage of it for our everyday activities ranging from social updates to news breaks means everyone has a web-browsing trail. These trails strongly reflect both our needs and interests, who we are as individuals. We seek to develop a system, Eyebrowse, with three goals: provide a means for individuals to better understand how they spend time on the web through visualizations and statistics; foster social discovery and awareness through real-time web activity sharing; and build large public web browsing trails.


I have worked in the MIT Media Lab before on iPhone application development. I have worked on numerous web development projects before both here at MIT and at internships. I have travelled to many countries and am bilingual in English and Chinese.

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