Manning  Chuor

Manning Chuor

Scholar Title

MIT EECS | Analog Devices Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Distinguishing of Energy States in Readout of 3-Level Quantum Systems





Research Areas
  • Circuits

Terry P. Orlando


Quantum computers send information through microwave pulses with a given amplitude and frequency, also called a readout. My project focuses on figuring out how quantum computers can effectively interpret information for the user for higher level systems using multiple waves with correct frequencies. The procedure starts with a three-level system. First, I will use Python to calculate the possible solutions (frequencies needed for the readout), if any, to the Schrodinger Equation with certain, given parameters, and then analytically, so I can generalize the solutions to n-level systems based off the results. I will then use machine learning to develop a method to find the optimal parameters for the system to generate the correct frequencies, hence achieve an effective readout.


“After hearing about past experiences, I was eagerly encouraged to participate in a great and more advanced opportunity of exploring the methodology of being a researcher in the field of quantum computing. I believe that using my prior skills in quantum mechanics, SuperUROP will serve as a great learning cornerstone to build off in the future where quantum engineering has been and is becoming a near-future aspiration for me.”

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