Kristin Sheridan

Kristin  Sheridan
MIT SoE | Quest Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar
Advisor: Mark Bathe
Department: Biological Engineering/UBIOME
Areas of Research: Biological Engineering
Years: 2018-2019
Research Project Title:

Multidimensional Fuzzy Addressing for DNA Memory

abstract:A problem affecting development of DNA-based computer memory is the lack of an effective addressing system. The system of addressing each file with a single unique DNA sequence is limited as the number of files expands, because sequences similar to each other’s complements will still base pair, creating a need for all tags to be orthogonal. One possible solution to this is the development of a system in which files carry tags representing their contents, rather than unique markers. A single file could carry multiple tags representing different contents, which could allow for use of similar tags to represent similar contents. This project focuses on a way to systematically create DNA sequences that allow for this kind of graded content-based tagging system.

I am excited to participate in SuperUROP in order to learn skills in research planning and execution. I hope that I can apply the lab skills I have learned in previous research experiences to a project that I am able to help design. The project I am working on is also more computational than research I have done in the past, so I am excited to work on my abilities in that area.