Khaled Khalil Moharam

Khaled Khalil Moharam

Scholar Title

MIT EECS Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Investigating New Techniques for Human Hydration Level Measurement




Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Research Areas
  • Biomedical

Luca Daniel


RF design for Hydration Measurement
Hydration monitoring is of promising applications for individuals under high stress situations where dehydration and stress can cause impairment of judgement or elderly patients with inappropriately decreased or absent feelings of thirst. The ability to instantaneously monitor hydration levels can be utilized for preventive intervention before any hospitalization is needed. The goal of the project is to prototype a wearable device capable of measuring hydration levels in the body through RF measurements of water concentration in the wrist. In research we aim to develop efficient circuitry that can synthesize RF signals in the GHz range design and develop antennas that are well matched with the system in study and data analysis techniques for inference of hydration levels.


As a student in my final year I’m looking forward to apply what I’ve learned throughout my studies to a problem of promising opportunities for medical applications. Hydration measurement using RF technology provides challenges in careful RF design electromagnetic simulations and data analysis. The problem is challenging and of promising applications to the medical field.

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