Kevin  Liu

Kevin Liu

Scholar Title

MIT EECS | MITRE Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Enforceable Data Sharing Agreements Using Smart Contracts





Research Areas
  • Computer Systems

Lalana S. Kagal


We envision a decentralized Web where everyone controls their own data and plan to develop a data sharing platform using blockchain technology. Using a private chain connected to the public Ethereum network and using smart contracts, users will restrict data-sharing to parties they specify. Personal data can also be sold to interested parties, with individuals getting paid via Ethereum through the automatic execution of smart contracts. By decentralizing and privatizing data, along with ownership, we are giving individuals more control over who can view and use their personal data.


First used as a platform for bitcoin, blockchain’ s use has now expanded to identity management transaction processing and chain of ownership documentation. In the summer of 2016, while an intern at NASDAQ, I had the chance to develop a proxy voting protocol on blockchain. This SuperUROP project is an opportunity to apply and further advance my knowledge of blockchain technology and vastly improve current standards of healthcare data sharing between providers.

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