Katherine Wang

Katherine  Wang
MIT EECS | Cisco Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar
Advisor: Harold Abelson
Department: EECS
Areas of Research: Computer Systems
Years: 2017-2018
Research Project Title:

Creating a Database Log History Page for Cloud Components in App Inventor to Support Software Development Education

abstract:CloudDB, an experimental feature of the MIT App Inventor Platform, allows users to send data across several different machines using tag-value pairs. However, currently with CloudDB, users, by deploying several blocks, can only view lists of their data tags and high-level information about individual tag-value pairs. Since App Inventor places emphasis on the usability of its program, we plan to implement a website where users can view the entirety of their CloudDB data buckets. The user would be able to see his/her tags, the corresponding stored data, and a brief history of that data. By bringing all of the data and its history into a viewable apparatus, this extension of CloudDB can potentially be used to answer research questions on data trends and help users learn about cloud data storage.

“By participating in SuperUROP, I hope to gain more exposure to the research process at MIT. My project allows me to not only learn more about data storage tools, but also incorporate my passion for CS education into my work. Since I have experience in app development, I am especially excited that I can learn about another aspect of it through my project.”