Katherine Stoll

Katherine  Stoll
Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar
Advisor: Fikile Brushett
Department: Materials Science and Engineering
Areas of Research: Energy
Years: 2018-2019
Research Project Title:

Microstructure Engineering of Thick, Porous Electrodes for Energy Storage

abstract:Rechargeable batteries are suited for energy storage due to their high energy density and efficiency. However, these devices are limited to using electrodes less than 300 µm thick to avoid diffusion losses, which results in higher cost due to the inclusion of inactive components. Transitioning to thicker electrodes requires novel electrode and cell architecture to enable sufficient ion and electron transport through the electrode. I will investigate the permeability and wettability of different engineered electrodes and the compatibility of various electrode-electrolyte combinations in order to develop low-resistance, thick electrodes. Specifically, I will examine electrolyte surface tension and viscosity as well as electrode microstructure to determine the effect on battery performance.

“Through this SuperUROP project, I hope to apply knowledge from my previous courses in an effort to provide a viable solution for improving the stability of renewable energies. Additionally, this research will provide me with invaluable laboratory experience as I complete my undergraduate academic career and transition into the next stage of my career.”