Kamran  Khan

Kamran Khan

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - eBay Inc. Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Diagramming and Visualization with Declarative and Contextual Layouts




Daniel N. Jackson


Graph-based diagramming provides an extremely effective channel for communicating set/relation data. However, such diagrams are difficult to produce with current tools. More generally, there doesnt yet exist a layout engine for graphics that operates on declarative, rather than imperative, principles. My work aims to produce that engine, and to provide end users with tools that make it easy to declaratively specify diagram conventions and contextually specify styles for their particular applications of the engine. The end result will be a tool that allows its users to easily generate extraordinarily effective graph-based diagrams for their communication needs.


I have worked with several technology companies (e.g. Cambridge-based Panjiva) on software-based solutions to data visualization and information architecture. I have a wealth of experience with full-stack web-development and have deployed tools on top of the latest web technologies. I have travelled to England, France, Egypt, and Pakistan; and I have worked with teams located in India and China.

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