Kairat  Ashim

Kairat Ashim

Scholar Title

MIT EECS | Levine Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Home Automation with Android Application




Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Harold Abelson


This research focuses on Smart Homes concept. The goal is to enable homeowners to monitor and control their home from anywhere via smart phone application. From controlling electrical appliances and lights to installation of safety features using various sensors (gas, fire, smoke, motion, temperature etc). The first phase of the project involves implementing Arduino microcontroller to the appliances in the house. The second phase is development of the Android application for controlling appliances. The final phase involves enabling connection between microcontroller and application either via Internet or bluetooth.Application will serve to perform remote tasks and receive notifications from the connected devices and security features installed.


Smart Homes is a part of Internet of Things and in the near future the Internet of Things will affect many important fields including manufacturing and production, health and medicine, and transportation. Thereby, Iā€™m very excited to get the first hand experience working on the IoT devices.

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