Julia Van Cleef

Julia  Van Cleef
MIT ChemE | Pall Biotech Research and Innovation Scholar
Advisor: Katie Galloway
Department: ChemE
Areas of Research: Biological Engineering
Years: 2021-2022
Research Project Title:

Implementing a Multi-Color MicroRNA Based Reporting System for Cellular Reprogramming

abstract:Cellular reprogramming transforms one cell type into another, enabling the generation of inaccessible cell types like neurons from easily accessible cells like skin cells. However, incomplete reprogramming is a common trend where it appears cells have correctly reprogrammed, meaning they activate the GFP reporter and fluoresce green, but they still retain their original structure, signifying unsuccessful reprogramming. In order to better parse completely reprogrammed cells from incompletely reprogrammed cells, I am working to demonstrate the successful design and implementation of a multi-colored fluorescent reporter system based on a microRNA responsive circuit.

Through SuperUROP, I'm excited to gain experience working on a long-term research project. In addition, I'm looking forward to expanding upon past work I've done in the Galloway lab and learning more about the field of synthetic biology.