Joyce Yuan

Joyce  Yuan
MIT EECS | Citadel
Advisor: Boris Katz
Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Years: 2022-2023
Research Project Title:

Visual Rule Programming — Making AI and ML More Accessible through Visual Rules

abstract:While there's much excitement about machine learning, understanding the technology still remains difficult for beginners. A major problem is the lack of concrete visual representations that a programmer can manipulate. We aim to provide such a representation using visual rules, which have been shown to be easily understandable by beginners, and effective for learning programming in other contexts. The challenge is how to deal with probabilistic rules, dataset workflows, and other unique aspects of machine learning programming. By combining the principles of visual rule programming and interpretable AI, we hope to build a game that makes machine learning accessible for all audiences through visual rules.

I'm excited to participate in SuperUROP because I want to pursue a piece of research and explore academia. I am interested in both machine learning and game design; with this project, I hope to combine my experience in both subjects to produce an ML game that's understandable by all. I'm most excited to design, build, and evaluate a new piece of technology.