Joseph  Griffin

Joseph Griffin

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - DENSO Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Walking Electric Robots




Russell L. Tedrake


The Robotics Locomotion Group at CSAIL is working on developing dynamic walking algorithms for use with MIT’s DARPA Robotics Challenge entry, ATLAS. After a few years with ATLAS, the group has several functional designs that they would like to test on the other humanoid robot in the lab, HUBO. HUBO is an electric robot with an entirely different actuation scheme from that of the hydraulically actuated ATLAS. The goal of this project is to get the control algorithms functioning on ATLAS working on HUBO. Once HUBO is functioning with ATLAS’ control systems, we will begin experimenting with HUBO to find and learn about the differences between dynamic walking with a hydraulic robot and dynamic walking with an electric robot.


My robotics experience started in high school, with a team that competed in an annual underwater robotics competition. In contrast with the famous FIRST competition, the MATE competition is based on a series of tasks with a 15-minute time limit. This project will be easier than MATE in some ways (no waterproofing), but the computation complexity involved with autonomy will make it a challenging and educational experience.

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