Johannes  Norheim

Johannes Norheim

Scholar Title

MIT AeroAstro — Airbus Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Plug and Play Framework for Activity Planning with Groups of Ad-hoc Agents




Brian C. Williams


Planning algorithms are essential in providing autonomy to robots, vehicles and rovers. The Model based Embedded and Robotics Systems Group (MERS) group has designed such planning algorithms, however, they depend on precise models of the agents (e.g. vehicles) the planner is implemented for. This means that any change of agents, or agent capabilities, will require a lot of hard coding making these algorithms lack robustness for real life applications. This project aims to develop a software environment that encapsulates the planning algorithms capabilities into a modular, easy-to configure system for multi-agent scenarios where each agent can have different capabilities, and easily be swapped in and out


It has now been three years since I started working with the MERS group. Until now, most of my work for the group focused on making tools which didn’t require a very deep knowledge on the research carried out. However, over the course of the time spent within the group I have gotten to know the people, their projects, and their motivations better, and therefore want to be able to finally make a significant contribution

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