Jiashan Susan Liang

Jiashan Susan Liang

Scholar Title

MIT EECS Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Modeling an Annotated Dataset on Autism




Peter Szolovits


The focus of this project is to collect an annotated database on children with autism spectrum disorder. The project will build upon some existing work that has been done to use natural language processing (NLP) extraction on notes in the data. The first part of the project will involve curating an interesting clinical database. More work will then be done to improve the current NLP processing. In addition, data clustering will be used to identify interesting groups of similar patients. The resulting models will help relate a child’s data to other diseases from which they might suffer.


I worked on a digital signage project for the Center for Civic Media Group in the MIT Media Lab. I also have experience programming a mobile iOS application as a summer intern at KAYAK.

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