Jessica Ayeley Quaye

Jessica Ayeley Quaye
MIT EECS | Analog Devices Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar
Advisor: Stefanie Mueller
Department: EECS
Areas of Research: Human Computer Interaction
Years: 2019-2020
Research Project Title:

Laser Factory : Augmenting Laser Cutter Functionality with Electronic Component Placement and Soldering

abstract:We live in a world where consumers prefer customized products. Thus, it is becoming increasingly important to understand users to facilitate user-friendly design. In this project, we will enable the next generation of product design and customization by building software that will analyze contexts in which consumers use products. For instance, there is a difference in context between a watch used by a construction worker and one used by a white-collar worker. The difference in use cases provides insights for different design and functionality trade-offs. Using sensors integrated into the devices, we will collect usage data (e.g., location data, amount of activity) to analyze how and where these devices are used. This information will then inform the product design and manufacturing process.

"I am excited to participate in SuperUROP where I will be coached in a challenging, independent research project focused on using artificial intelligence to improve product design. I hope to hone my skills in both hardware and software by applying previous coursework in mobile sensor computing, embedded systems, and machine learning through a research lens."