Jesse  Michel

Jesse Michel

Scholar Title

MIT EECS | Keel Foundation Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Fine-Grained Mixed Precision Computing with Deep Neural Networks





Research Areas
  • Software Design and Programming Languages

Michael Carbin


Low precision training of neural networks has been shown to improve training time and save energy. However, there is a performance cost incurred from the corresponding loss of information. We explore fine-grained mixed precision training of neural networks. Specifically, given an assignment of operators to float precisions in the computation of forward propagation and back propagation, we try to minimize truncation, while maintaining test set performance. Furthermore, we compute probabilistic bounds for our allocation in order to provide guarantees of the overall precision of the computation.


My interest in participating in SuperUROP came from my desire to spend more time doing research during the semester and to learn more from Professor Michael Carbin and PhD student Ben Sherman. My research with them last semester touched on some related topics. I want to explore the ways to represent rationales on computers and to understand the corresponding effects on computation. I like that this area of research has rich theory and interesting applications.

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