Jennifer  Astrachan

Jennifer Astrachan

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Google Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Improving the User Experience of DataHub




David R. Karger


Many student resources use the same datasets such as classes offered per semester. DataHub can host data sets which will make it easier to locate and use resources at MIT. It is not only a â€oeGitHub for data, but also a publicly accessible data collaboration platform, adding integrated data science with a gentler learning curve.

In this SuperUROP, I will improve the user experience with DataHub. Currently the system supports a command line interface with SQL-like commands. I will work to improve the usability of the system for nonexpert users and users without database experience. I will also develop applications with DataHub in order to prove the system’s benefits to current students and developers.


In summer 2014 I worked at Dropbox on the Carousel iOS app improving the user experience of the main photo gallery view. Part of my project involved brainstorming and prototyping different layouts of photos to make an informed decision about what the users would like best. This experience will apply to this SuperUROP in thinking about the users of DataHub and how to make the platform easy to use.

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