Jareatha  Abdul-Raheem

Jareatha Abdul-Raheem

Scholar Title

MIT SoE ā€” Lord Foundation Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Characterization of CdSe- CdS-ZnS Quantum Dots




William T. Freeman


Quantum Dots (QDs) are semi-conducting nanocrystals that are clusters of atoms a few nanometers in diameter. Although there is much known about the electronic properties of QDs, the actual QD structure has not been thoroughly proven. The focus of my project is twofold, first to create a consistent synthesis of CdSe-Cds-ZnS QDs, a QD that has a core and 2 outer shells. Second is to characterize these QDs using optical methods and to use this characterization to show the structure of these QDs, specifically at the different interfaces of the QD. By creating a consistent synthesis method and getting a full characterization of this material, the groundwork will be laid for using these materials in diffusion work which could lead to it being used in green technology such as solar cells.


These past two semesters I have worked with quantum dots and have gained a decent understanding , but this next year Iā€™m excited to delve deeper into how quantum dots are created and receive a much deeper understanding of their chemical and electronic properties. I look forward to gaining new skills in optical techniques and learning how quantum dots are used in green technology.

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