Jamar  Brooks

Jamar Brooks

Scholar Title

MIT EECS — Analog Devices Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

User Interface for Seeing Through Walls




Dina Katabi


The goal of this project is to design a user interface that shows how people are moving behind walls or throughout their homes using wireless signals. The focus of this project will be to write a web interface that can show how people are moving and display the location in real-time on a mobile app and a web-based interface. The interface built will be tested by a variety of users depending on the major use case and evaluated based on overal appearance, learnability, and efficiency and ease of use. Further extensions may include game creation to test the feasibility of the current tracking system in game conditions, adding a display of the state of the user, especially in regards to falling, and also the state of household appliances controlled by the user


I am a senior studying computer science working on the WiTrack project building a UIs to test different scenarios and applications for a technology which can detect moving objects through walls using radio waves. In the past, I’ve taken multiple user interface classes and done some Android and Windows app development. I’m really looking forward to doing actual user testing on a live product as interesting as this one.

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