Jacob  Rothman

Jacob Rothman

Scholar Title

MIT SoE — Lord Foundation Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Handheld Nanoliter Pipetting Device




John Hart


Hand held pipettes are extremely important to many industries such as chemistry, biology, and pharmaceuticals, and experimental success is often closely related to the accuracy and precision of these pipettes. As accurately dispensing fluids on much smaller scales becomes more desirable, hand help pipettes become less. I will be working on designing and manufacturing as specialized pipette tip, part of a larger innovative hand held pipette design, which will have the ability to precisely dispense fluidic volumes on the Nano liter scale.


I have a passion for the design process and entrepreneurship: working in teams with a common goal to brainstorm, iterate, and come up with solutions to real world problems, having a positive impact on consumers and creating a better world. I believe my interests are very well aligned with my superUROP, which is giving me a great opportunity to extend my learning.

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