Jacob Higgins

Jacob  Higgins
MIT EECS | CS+HASS Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar
Advisor: Fox Harrell
Department: MIT
Areas of Research: Human Computer Interaction
Years: 2017-2018
Research Project Title:

Video Games for Social Issues

abstract:My research will focus on computational modeling of social categorization and the user experiences based upon it. This work will be based in artificial intelligence approaches developed in the Imagination, Computation, and Expression Laboratory directed by Professor D. Fox Harrell. The goal is to enable developers of interactive narrative systems such as videogames and virtual-reality works to create more dynamic, engaging, and customized content. An additional aim is to create content to support pedagogy involving sociological phenomena such as bias and diverse cultural identities of learners.

“I am participating in the SuperUROP program to further my interest in applying my computer science background to social science issues, as well as to develop the skills needed to do research in the long term and communicate my findings effectively.”