Jacob  Haip

Jacob Haip

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - DENSO Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

“Enhancing Design and Fabrication by Example through FEM Simulations




Wojciech Matusik


My project seeks to use Finite Element Method simulations to give users interacting with a template object database real-time feedback as to the structural stability of their designs. One piece will be to annotate the object template database with the types and ranges of loads that can be expected based on how the object is used. For example, what makes a table sturdy is different from what makes a chair sturdy. A second area of the project will to be optimize the computation of the FEM simulations. FEM is an expensive operation but because different versions of the same template have similar characteristics it is possible to optimize the calculation or precompute results.


One of my favorite classes has been Professor Matusik’s Computational Fabrication class which focused on the fabrication and modeling subset of computer graphics. We did a small project using FEM simulations but my SuperUROP will take these simulations to a new level. Previously I have worked on other personal projects at the intersection of the digital and the physical such as robotics, home automation, and multi touch screen desks.

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