Jacob  Cole

Jacob Cole

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MIT EECS Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

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What does government actually do?




Daniel Weitzner


The proposed website will list all goals a governing body has set out to achieve and show how close they are to achieving these goals by using a set of timelines or “progress bars.” This system, which is to be initially implemented for student government, is a first step toward creating databases of leaders’ and their followers’ visions: organized, graph-structured groupings of things that these people think ought to be. We believe these systems will help governing bodies and their constituents work together to find the most rational and efficient way to realize these visions, re-instilling people’s faith in and enthusiasm for political agenda-setting in the process.


I was part of the team that designed and programmed Politify. com, a trending (2 million hits, featured in Forbes, CNBC) website that makes it easy to see the economic impact the stated policies of different presidential candidates will have on you personally. Also, I worked as the Technology Development Leader at Bainbridge CapitalSphere.com (2011-2012) where I shaped and implemented the company mission to create “Match.com for investment” from my position at the interface between the software engineering and executive teams.

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