Ian  Chan

Ian Chan

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MIT EECS - TIBCO Software Inc.Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Fantasy Football




Anantha P. Chandrakasan

Hosoi, Anette


Moneyball revolutionized the sport of baseball as it introduced the application of machine learning and statistical analysis to justify managerial decisions. The integration of these techniques allowed for a more comprehensive and scientific study on player performance than ever before. This new fever for sports analytics has caught on quickly with the general public, and the emergence and rapid growth of fantasy spots, especially fantasy football, is a testimonial of this. The aim of this project is to design an algorithm to draft and better manage a fantasy football team. We will look into various machine learning techniques to synthesize historical statistics and create a predictive model on future performance.


I have interned at algorithmic trading firms and the projects have primarily involved using large historical data sets to create predictive models. I have also taken machine learning and algorithms courses. Finally, Ive grown up watching sports, especially football, so Ive always been familiar with current players and common statistics.

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