Helen  He

Helen He

Scholar Title

MIT EECS | Hewlett Foundation Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Extrapolating Information from Facebook Wall Data





Research Areas
  • Human-Computer Interaction

Ilaria Liccardi


Facebook has accumulated a wealth of information about our lives, but we aren’ t necessarily aware of the depth or details of what other people can see about our relationships with others. The project will involve scraping wall data off Facebook and formulating a survey about the nature and details of the content, and then giving this survey to the people of these walls. I will then analyze the results of these surveys to glean insights about what people think of their data.


I’m participating in SuperUROP because I realized during my internships that I’m happiest implementing things closest to research areas and I’d like to learn more about research itself. I have a strong interest in human-computer interaction (HCI), which lends itself to this subject matter, and I’m excited to both see the findings and learn how to present them because social media and privacy are very relevant concerns today.

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