Harshini  Jayaram

Harshini Jayaram

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - TIBCO Software Inc.Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Fantasy Football Recommendation Algorithm and Application




Anantha P. Chandrakasan

Hosoi, Anette


An estimated 30-35 million people play fantasy football each fall and many use football statistics available online. This project aims to synthesize the information available online to write an algorithm which can draft and manage a fantasy football team, and present this as an application for fantasy football managers. This involves collecting, synthesizing and analyzing large volumes of online statistics, social media trends, and other data. We will develop an algorithm that will use machine learning to make smart draft decisions and help fantasy football managers with other tasks throughout the season. These results will be displayed in an application developed using user interface principles.


This summer I created a web application to collect tweets using a specific hashtag to analyze the sentiment behind the messages over time and geographically. I also collaborated with a team to develop an algorithm to simulate the growth of co-authorship networks on a project that will be used to predict influence agents in the network. I have always enjoyed using computer science principles in diverse applications.

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