Halla  Moore

Halla Moore

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Quanta Computer Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Text-Entry for Handwritten Video Lectures




Frederic P. Durand


Handwritten video lectures are becoming a prominent tool in online learning, but illegible handwriting can make such videos useless. In order to add support for those who prefer typing to handwriting, this project will focus on adding a text-entry feature to Pentimento, which is a program for creating handwritten videos. This text-entry feature will “record” the user’s typing to maintain a similarity to the playback of traditional handwriting. The user will be able to go back to change the text, or to change the timing of the characters if they typed something at the wrong speed. This feature will allow Pentimento to give users full control over the content and timing of their video, without requiring them to use handwriting.


I worked on Pentimento-related projects during both terms of this past school year and also the preceding summer. These projects included an attempt at a video tracing feature and helping to port Pentimento over to JavaScript. I have also taken two classes on user interfaces, which will come in handy for integrating this new feature with the already existing user interface.

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