Gregory  Beams

Gregory Beams

Scholar Title

MIT EECS Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

myMemory: Understanding and Improving Human Memory




Antonio Torralba


The purpose of the myMemory project is to design and implement a semi-polished (nearly production polished) game for crowd sourcing data collection. The goal of this game will be to integrate the labs memory research division, help categorize memory research methods, expand measurable memory tests, and finally exponentially increase the number of test users to gain more significant insights within the field of memory. Part of this system includes eye tracking to determine if a user has actually seen a particular element, how long they’ve seen it, and which part specifically they are looking at.


I’ve always been very interested in neuroscience and how the brain functions. Of course, memory is one of the major functions of the brain and I hope to gain valuable insights on how this function varies between individuals.”

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