Forrest  Pieper

Forrest Pieper

Scholar Title

MIT EECS Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Real-time Scheduling of a 3D Printer




Wojciech Matusik


A truly powerful 3D printing system requires firmware that is robust, modular, and expandable. The code must be parameterized by factors including print head size, material properties such as sensitivity to environment, and configuration factors such as the number of print heads and materials. In order to achieve optimal print time and quality, the printer must operate at maximum speed and efficiency despite changing constraints. For a completely modular design, as many parameters as possible should be automatically inferred from printer configuration. This project aims to create firmware that fully leverages the power of our experimental 3D printer without excessive user calibration.


I have worked with Kent Larson at the MIT Media Lab on the CityHome project creating a control system for a robotic moving wall. I interned at Spectra Logic Corporation analyzing motion control of industrial robots and improving systems for giving engineers feedback regarding optimization progress. I competed at the Intel International Science and Engineering fair and received 4th place for my design of a staircase that generates electricity.

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