Felipe  Garza

Felipe Garza

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Texas Instruments Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

A Power Electronic Approach to Improved Vibration Energy Harvesting




Jeffrey H. Lang


Modern vibration energy harvesters can harvest energy from an ideal vibration source of a single, constant frequency. Since a non-ideal vibration source may shift frequency or contain multiple, dominant frequencies, harvesters may be placed in environments with high energy vibrations but unable to efficiently harvest energy. Recent research demonstrated simultaneous harvesting from multi-frequency vibration sources using a harvester loaded with power electronics. The same power electronics potentially allow real-time tracking of frequency shifting vibration sources. This project will demonstrate harvesting from multi-frequency and frequency shifting vibration sources using a harvester loaded with digitally controlled power electronics. A microcontroller will provide digital control, allowing for quick implementation and comparison of loading algorithms.


At Cisco Systems in 2011, I developed an android application to help automate client interoperability testing between android smart phones and Cisco wireless network products. I worked in a team to design and build an analog induction cooker for my Intro Analog Electronics Lab class.

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