Faben  Girma

Faben Girma

Scholar Title

MIT ChemE Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Encapsulation of Insulin in self-assembling peptide hydrogels as Drug Delivery Vehicles




Daniel Anderson


Diabetes mellitus is a global epidemic affecting over 380 million individuals worldwide. Despite the improvements in diabetes therapy over the past two decades, the current therapy for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes relies on chronic insulin use. Moreover, none of the currently available insulin treatments are glucose-responsive and capable of mimicking the dynamic functionality of the pancreas. The overall objective of this project is to investigate the in vivo applications of smart insulin conjugates with glucose-mediated potency and bioavailability.


I am a senior studying Chemical-Biological Engineering. I have been with my project for the the past year and a half. I chose to pursue a SuperUROP because I knew that that the program would provide me with opportunities to improve my skill not only as a researcher, but also as a writer and a presenter.

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