Erika  Ye

Erika Ye

Scholar Title

Ultra-Thin Photonics

Research Title

MIT EECS - Analog Devices Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar




Rajeev J. Ram


Optical interconnects allow for faster data transfer, compared to electrical means of communication. Silicon-based photonics optical interconnects are especially attractive because of their micron scale size and because of the existing infrastructure for silicon processing. However, translating electrical bits into the optical equivalent requires high extinction photonic modulators. This project looks into developing high extinction (greater than 50 dB) silicon photonic modulators that would produce high contrast optical on and off states from the corresponding electrical signals. This can be achieved by creating sharp transmission line profiles. Currently, most modulators have a Lorenztian transmission profile. But, for example, by interfering two resonant modes, the transmission has a Fano line shape, resulting in increased extinction of the modulator.


Most of my previous research experience has been in chemistry and materials science labs, with a focus on materials for potential electronic applications. For example, I worked in Professor Bawendi’s lab, researching energy transfer between quantum dots. I have also worked in the Cui Lab at Stanford and at Samsung Electronics.

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