Edwin  Zhang

Edwin Zhang

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Foxconn Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Automated Diary Systems




Daniela L. Rus


Everyday, our movements help us get from place to place and we develop movement patterns based on our lifestyle. By studying these patterns, we hope to gain insight into peoples everyday activities at an individual and communal level. iDiary is a system that takes and processes GPS data, allowing users to search their previous destinations. Currently, iDiary streams live GPS data and compresses the input into a more manageable dataset on which queries can be performed. We wish to extend iDiary to be able to categorize an individuals movement patterns. A user can then analyze how much time they spend at different places. By combining many users data and patterns, we can use that information to determine popular locations based on time and activity.


I worked on a research project involving Software-Defined Networking at Northrop Grumman this past summer. I worked in the Media Lab in the summer of 2011 working on a mobil e media-collecting application for iPhone. I am able to speak and read Mandarin Chinese and my parents are both immigrants.

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