Eduardo  Maristany Amescua

Eduardo Maristany Amescua

Scholar Title

MIT AeroAstro — United Technologies Corporation Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Additive Manufacturing for Ceramic Materials




Tomas Lozano–Perez


In the last few years, 3-D printing has become a dominant technology in manufacturing processes enabling the creation of objects and structures that were previously out of our technological reach. However, there still exist many limitations, especially in smaller scales that require high definition and reliability. Electrospray chips are an example of this problem that if solved, would allow us to create high definition porous structures with relative ease. Previous research carried out in the Spaced Propulsion Lab investigated porous ceramic manufacturing processes such as freeze casting and sol-casting. These techniques, if paired with a reliable, high definition, delivery system, would allow for the manufacturing of porous ceramic structures in a more controlled and expedited manner.


I have done research surrunding electrospray microthrusters since my freshman year, including sol casting and freeze-casting processes. I am also very interested in 3-D printing technologies and their great potential in many fields. This project pairs those two fields of interest in a very unexpected way. The whole project is a complex problem, which I also enjoy because it will give me the chance to learn new things.

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