Diana  Voronin

Diana Voronin

Scholar Title

MIT EECS | Mason Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

A Superconducting Cage Mechanism for Multi-Axial Magnetic Field Stabilization in a Surface-Electrode ion Trap




Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Research Areas
  • Quantum

Isaac L. Chuang


Quantum computers promise to efficiently solve meaningful problems that are intractable for classical computers. For instance, by taking advantage of the quantum mechanical traits of qubits the fundamental unit of quantum information quantum processors can accurately simulate quantum mechanical systems, enabling the design of new chemicals and materials with applications in agriculture, clean energy, and drug discovery. In order to solve useful problems, existing physical implementations of quantum processors must scale to many more qubits than is currently possible. Decoherence, or the loss of quantum information in qubits, presents a critical challenge in scaling quantum processors. In a trapped ion quantum processor, noise in the form of magnetic field fluctuations can cause qubits to decohere, resulting in lower gate fidelity, or accuracy. A magnetic field stabilization mechanism that shows a substantial reduction in decoherence could represent a path towards high fidelity gate operations in a large-scale trapped-ion quantum processor. To that end, we explore the use of a 3D superconducting cage for stabilizing the magnetic field along all three axes in a surface-electrode ion trap.


I am excited to continue my work in the Quanta Lab by participating in SuperUROP this year. Through this project I hope to learn more about scaling trapped-ion quantum computers, apply signal processing knowledge I have gained from my coursework, and strengthen my technical communication skills.

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