Denzil  Sikka

Denzil Sikka

Scholar Title

MIT EECS - Quanta Computer Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

An Interactive Writing Tutor




Robert C. Miller


Online education is often a popular choice, but the available courses are often limited to technical subjects such as math and computer science. Students who wish to improve their writing abilities have few online options available to them, and often these resources cannot provide them the feedback that they need to progress. We would like to develop a game that helps users advance their writing in a fun and engaging way by building a community that encourages constant revision of ones work and provides a plethora of feedback by harnessing the power of the users themselves.


I worked with Professor Boyden on designing a time management software that optimizes human planning by looking at human behavior. I interned at Microsoft, working on the SharePoint Workspace/Office application on the Windows Mobile Phone, specifically looking at the tasks functionality.

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