Deniz  Oktay

Deniz Oktay

Scholar Title

MIT EECS Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

“Bringing Down The Network




Vincent W. S. Chan


Today it is commonplace to hear of network security breaches in the news. The Stuxnet worm which disrupts the nuclear development of an entire country and the buffer over-read Heartbleed bug are only a sampling of many attacks that we know about. The traditional TCP/IP protocol was built on a set of assumptions that do not necessarily hold anymore. To this end, the goal of our research is to catalog the current literature on network-disabling attack planes and then explore novel approaches to bringing down or disabling the intended operation of a networked system, such that development of new clean slate architectures can be done with the security concerns in mind.


During parts of my freshmen and sophomore years, I worked on using novel machine learning techniques to predict diseases associated with the time evolution of autism in children. This past summer I interned at Yelp on their ad targeting team, and worked on a tool (which we open sourced) that can optimize parameters from continuous spaces to assist with A/B testing.

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