David  Pineiro

David Pineiro

Scholar Title

MIT EECS Hewlett Foundation Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

ClearScope: Detection and Policy Enforcement




Howard Shrobe


ClearScope is a precise, comprehensive, configurable, and efficient provenance tracking system for Android mobile devices. ClearScope will dynamically track the provenance and flow of information through all system layers, making currently opaque computing systems transparent by providing high-fidelity visibility into component interactions while imposing minimal performance overhead. This tracking capability will allow ClearScope to determine when the Android device has been breached by an advanced persistent threats and other similar high risk threats.


“Growing up in Cuba, I got to see first hand the effects of absence of security on individuals. As a result, I have taken security classes and am part of the CyberSecurity@CSAIL group. I hope to learn more about machine learning algorithms to classify breaches. Merging big data analytics with computer security is fascinating, so I am looking forward to exploring what lies between these two powerful and important tools.”

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