David  Goehring

David Goehring

Scholar Title

MIT EECS | Actifio Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

Database Systems for Mobile Devices




Samuel R. Madden


Applications on Mobile Devices require access to databases for persistent data storage across devices. These databases could be highly distributed, which could strain the device battery if multiple network requests are needed to access and write to those databases. The goal of this project is to develop a simple API for manipulating those distributed databases that abstracts away the details of that complex task, scales to a large number of databases, and allows the mobile application to think it is interacting with a faster, local database. By experimenting with different transactional database system architectures we hope to develop a way to interact with these distributed systems to optimize for performance and battery life


I UROPed at the MIT Media Lab working on server side programming for an Augmented Reality Gaming platform called TaleBlazer where I partook in some relational database design to allow users to search for games via a web interface using a variety of criteria. I also took Computer Systems Engineering which piqued my interest in transactional database systems.

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