Daniel Osorio

Daniel  Osorio
MIT BE | Microbiome Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar
Advisor: Arlene Sharpe
Department: BE/UBIOME
Areas of Research: Biological Engineering
Years: 2017-2018
Research Project Title:

Determining the Relationship Between the Microbiome and the PD-1 Pathway

abstract:The PD-1 pathway is a crucial regulator of the immune system. This pathway also plays a role in cancer therapeutics, as PD-1 blockade has impressive effects as a cancer immunotherapy. Furthermore, recent studies have shown that the microbiome positively influences this PD-1 cancer immunotherapy. Unfortunately, not much is known about the relationship between the microbiome and the PD-1 pathway. This SuperUROP project aims to determine what this complex relationship is. Using mouse models, this project will determine whether the microbiome can directly regulate the PD-1 pathway and which specific microbes modulate the PD-1 pathway.

“I want to participate in SuperUROP because I want to commit to a year-long research project that has the potential for a big impact in the field of immunology. I believe my background in wet-lab experience and my hard-working nature prepares me well for this research. I want to learn how to perform experiments on mice and learn about immunological research techniques.”