Daniel Alexander Korsun

Daniel Alexander Korsun

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Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar

Research Title

The Effects of Magnetic Field During Irradiation on Critical Current Capabilities of REBCO High-Temperature Superconductors





Research Areas
  • Devices

Zachary Hartwig


SPARC, the tokamak recently announced by MIT, is intended to be the world’ s first break-even fusion device, meaning its plasma will produce more power than required to heat it to fusion temperatures. SPARC will achieve break-even through the use of magnets constructed from REBCO, a high-temperature superconductor. SPARC is designed to be a rapid step towards commercial, REBCO-based fusion power plants. However, it is not understood how REBCO magnets will withstand irradiation over time by fusion neutrons. My SuperUROP research will explore the effects of irradiation conditions on the critical current carrying capabilities of REBCO. The experimentally determined magnet lifetimes under high-fidelity irradiation will play a strong role in determining the lifetime and economics of fusion power plants.


I’m participating in SuperUROP because I’m excited to work with high-temperature superconductors and tackle an issue integral to the development and design of magnets for compact, high-field fusion devices.

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